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Umbra PS3

The terminology here is similar to that of “moon” which designates the Moon the Earth among several other moons. Similarly, some theorize that the mystical realm of mundane Earth is just one of many areas of similar status. Others say that the kingdom is special because it is Tellurian root from which all the worlds are born that vapors.
Immediately across the Gauntlet of reality is an area that reflects reality, called Penumbra. It is possible to “see” the physical reality of the Penumbra with some effort-Garou in particular, have the capacity to do it naturally (an ability called “stealth”). The main monuments such as large buildings, old trees, or topographical features have visible variations in the Penumbra. Videre each has its own version of Penumbra, but these versions have some interaction going because of their proximity to each other. Wraiths and demons called the Penumbra Shadowlands, while Kuei-jin called Mirror land. Penumbrae These are the starting points of the four worlds, the four aspects of the Earth’s Umbra.
This is the banal reality that the common man perceives. While in contrast with Umbra the spirit world, it is completely devoid of spiritual energies. Rather rational paradigm of progress (groomed by technocracy) significantly reduced the amount while hardening the Gauntlet together. However, the mystical fear that other successful technocracy Tellurian will be completely separated in the banal and inaccessible Earth Umbra.

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