Far Cry Primal – PS4

Far Cry Primal PS4

This emphasis on survival permeates Far Cry Primal. In wastes of the north, the cold becomes a factor, making each bonfire bright beacon of safety as you fight to stay warm. In lush swampland Primal, avoiding the danger means avoiding the water, where underwater predators abound.

As a lonely hunter with simple tools, you are also less equipped to defend that the protagonists of Far Cry 3 and 4. No more handguns and grenade launchers – here you spears, clubs and slings. They not only provide a slow pace and measured in combat, but also add to the identity and the general tone of Primal. You are a lone wanderer here, not a walking arsenal. And although there are more ways to die in this Far Cry than any previous entry, Primal never feels too difficult – there is a good balance between power and pleasure that elevates the whole experience.

On one of the nights of Primal, threats lurking in the valley merged into a challenge that tested all of my knowledge of the game of survival systems. I’m out of the woods spears. I was low on meat for health. I was hundreds of meters of heat from the nearest campfire. So sprinting to the nearest sanctuary on my card – Hardwood gathering for torches along the way, and based on stealth and my few remaining arrows to defend – I traveled through one of the most stressful scenarios of the game had to offer. Still, it was exciting. It was Primal at its best.

Stone Age parameter could also be a drawback, however. The game uses simple tools themes good game, but with enough time, it becomes clear how limited your loadout really is. In stealth scenarios, I trust my silent bow. In an open fight, I swing my club wildly. When hunting elk and grizzly bears, I use my spears. There are many other creative tools, but basically, I am counting on the same time simplistic options after time. Primal dependence on Stone Age weakens fight emerging scenarios that occur elsewhere.

There are also powerful enemies whose armor chips away excessive pleasure. I had the best start to level possible, but even at this stage in the late hours of play, the armored brutes can take about 30 seconds to get off. This is not fun – which is boredom.

But then there is the Beast Master skill tree, and it is the most striking change in the formula Far Cry. It allows you to tame creatures in this ancient setting, recruit them to hunt, fight, and travel with you.

Jaguars kill enemies without alerting large groups. Wolves pounce on distant archers while you close the gap. You can also mount the bear and baby mammoths, clawing and bashing your way through groups of warriors with little resistance. You can use your owl to identify the land before you, marking the most dangerous fighters and drop makeshift grenades into groups of enemies.

Learn the unique abilities of each animal and taking the time to experiment with them, it is essential to your survival. After a while, your allies predators become an extension of yourself. They become powerful weapons otherwise absent in the abrasive desert.

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