Fortnite – PS4

Fortnite PS4

Fortnite may not have an official mascot, but it certainly has an unofficial one. You just have to do some searching to find it.

It’s not any one of the game’s playable classes, heroes whose stylized appearances owe a clear debt of gratitude to Team Fortress 2. You won’t even find it among the creepy yet oddly likeable assortment of enemies, which includes, among other things, a monster with a beehive stuck on its head and another who hurls bones at you while decked out in full baseball attire. No, when I say you’ll need to search out for Fortnite’s mascot, I mean it. Because Fortnite’s mascot is toilet bacon.

It’s weird, gross, and wrong on so many levels. But it’s also wonderfully apt. See, Fortnite is a game about scavenging. You’re always on the lookout for any resources you can find to help you in your quest to fight off enemies known as husks. Sometimes that means gathering wood and metal to assemble a defensive fort, sometimes it means crafting weapons from random odds and ends, and other times it means finding whatever nourishing food you can get your hands on–no matter its point of origin.

But here’s the other thing about Fortnite: it’s also a game with a pronounced sense of humor. So when Fortnite’s procedurally generated levels reward you for your thorough searching with tasty meat hidden inside a toilet, you just laugh it off and wonder what other silly surprises the game has in store.

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