PES 2017 – PS4

PES 2017 PS4

Konami has finally spilled the beans on PES 2017, making an official announcement and revealing a boatload of new features in time for the E3 gaming expo.

Pro Evolution Soccer is a series well known to many. In fact, people of a certain age (mid to late twenties to, say, late thirties) hold the series in particularly high regard. While FIFA was dominating sales charts during the PS2-era with fancy graphics and Martin Tyler’s dulcet tones, Pro Evolution Soccer (or PES or Pro Evo to its friends) was quietly bubbling away, garnering a fan base all of its own for its incredible recreation of the beautiful game.

That was then the divide; did you want the licensed names and the production values, or the beautiful game with a few ugly menus and strange player names? We always wanted the latter.
Then things changed. EA realised that FIFA had stopped resembling the sport it was trying to emulate and went back to the drawing board for the start of the Xbox 360 and PS3 generation. FIFA was good again, and Pro Evo couldn’t keep up.

But now, PES and FIFA are on a more even peg. However, PES 2017 still has a lot of ground to cover to make sure it maintains its reputation.

We’ll be collating everything we know about PES 2017 here, so make sure to keep it bookmarked.

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