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Umbra PS4

The Umbra is the spirit world, a shadow or reflection of the real world, the world of role-playing setting darkness. It is inhabited by spirits, gods, ghosts, and various other supernatural beings. The Umbra can generally be considered as all realms that exist beyond the mundane earthly existence of the Earth. Rather than existing as a single universe, the Umbra embraces many versions of reality, forming a multiverse of realms which operate by their own laws. Mages and werewolves refer to this as Tellurian multiverse, and are the most likely to travel to the Umbra populations. Other things, like wraiths, are permanent residents and have considerable difficulty interacting with reality overnight Earth (hereinafter referred to simply as “reality” for brevity).
There are three or Umbra Spirit Realms in the world of darkness. The Dark Umbra or the land of the dead, or the dream Dreaming Umbra and Umbra Umbra Spirit or true. When people say they usually mean the Umbra Umbra Spirit. It Umbra (actually all three Umbra) is structured according to proximity or near mundane Earth. However, this is more a question of similarity to the consensus reality that physical distance. The exception is technology Videre where there is direct relationship between changing laws surrounding conditions and the distance from the surface of the Earth.
Because Umbra is particularly mutable, beings with different perspectives radically different experience Umbrae. This separation has been identified by the wise men (who have diverse perspectives on the nature of reality), and they called videre. Especially, videre is not simply a matter of perception. Rather, it appears that different worldviews and mental states get people to different areas of Spirit lands. Some Videres are entirely incompatible with certain areas or regions of the Umbra. Few beings in the world of darkness can visit all the nooks and crannies of the Umbra – most are locked out of at least part of their own preconceptions.

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