Psychonauts 2 – Xbox One

Psychonauts 2 Xbox One

When the first Psychonauts unfortunately overlooked by many, Psychonauts 2 is the kind of game that has a universal appeal, while retaining everything that makes it so unique. The concepts and ideas presented are as ingenious as ever, but now they are supported by intuitive controls and higher production values. It is as charming and pleasant as it is hilarious, valuing the pleasure as much as his visionary ideas. By the time you finish the sophomore getaway Raz, you want, you can explore the inner psyche of every video game character. And that kind of imagination fuel is a very powerful thing.

Not every level is as good as the next, though. Take the spirit of Milgranda Burton, estimated marine biology professor who harbors secret fantasies of being a mermaid (and is also a hilarious parody of Jane Goodall). His spirit form as a vision of Atlantis, spliced ​​with manual charts and academic minutiae. It looks beautiful, but Raz guide through this underwater metropolis becomes a chore, shifting your focus and creative ideas on the mechanics of swimming frustrating and labyrinthine layout. The majority of mental worlds are accessible, entertaining, and thought-provoking, but some demand too much familiarity with pop culture. Appreciating the spirit of Trubert the otaku son of a wealthy playboy, requires extensive knowledge of anime and Japanese culture to reconsider all references.

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