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Best Linux Games

Hyper Light Drifter

To be released for most gaming platforms in the early months of 2016, Hyper Light Drifter displays some mad hack-and-slash gameplay action set on an otherworldly electronic music, enveloped by an isometric background. Accents of Norse mythology are also highlighted throughout the storyline which encompasses the Drifter, lead character whom the player must control – an astute persona gifted with the access to outlandish technology and a beam sword. The Drifter must partake on a lengthy quest to find the cure for the harrowing illness he carries (a matter inspired from the lifelong heart troubles Preston was faced with). Drifters are virtually ‘collectors of forgotten knowledge, lost technologies and broken histories’. Traveling deep into the heart of Buried Time, the leading lionhearted character must face behemoths and challenging tasks in order to halt the vicious disease about to take ahold of him.  

Best Linux Games

Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel

Resourceful and visually captivating, the game pioneers a story set in the 30s, notably in that of a black and white era. Whisking together graphic adventure, environmental puzzles and nevertheless action-packed scenes, the isometric platformer is a must-try, being a one-of-a-kind experience rendered almost entirely through Unity. Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel is available for Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

Best Linux Games

Broken Age Act 2

The stupendously animate point-and-click adventure entitled Broken Act 2 is a follow up to Act 1, centering on Shay and Vella, who must unite their forces in an attempt to solve the stressful situation of the Plague Dam. Released last year on April 28, the game received overall good comments and appreciation.

Best Linux Games



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