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James Pond Codename Robocod HD – Nintendo3DS

James Pond Codename Robocod HD Nintendo3DS

Having destroyed Acme Oil Co., aquatic agent James Pond returns to active duty as he prepares to track his evil nemesis Dr. Maybe to the North Pole in an effort to recover stolen toys.
System 3 have announced their intent to remake the Amiga and SEGA Mega Drive classic, reimagined for release across Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in early 2014. Built from the ground up for each console, the developer promises graphical and audio fidelity that will see agent Pond tackle his foes like never before.
“I’m a huge fan of retro gaming, but to bring a game back and deliver an updated vision isn’t easy. With James Pond: Codename Robocod, we’ve got all of the right ingredients to satisfy the needs of retro fans, and today’s gamer,” explains System 3 CEO Mark Cale.

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  1. DeadPool

    November 13, 2015 at 12:43 pm

    torrent downloaded
    Does your PC meet the requirements ? Because it doesn’t work with 32bits PC, I tried.

  2. hdY

    November 26, 2015 at 3:06 pm

    Seed Please :s
    3% remaining 🙁

  3. Ziadov

    December 14, 2015 at 11:04 am

    Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed guys seeeed please I’m downloading 0.4 kB/s 🙁

  4. notrub114

    December 28, 2015 at 7:26 am

    fast download ,, great game thanks alot

  5. Shinigamy

    January 28, 2016 at 8:48 am

    seeeders plz

  6. janrevj

    February 11, 2016 at 6:22 am

    Thank you so much!

  7. indhoy

    February 26, 2016 at 10:01 am

    Will this torrent work on windows 10

  8. Haskins

    March 16, 2016 at 8:39 am

    finished download, seeded 60 GB.
    Installing now. Thanks Everyone

  9. noobivam

    April 4, 2016 at 8:08 am

    great works !! good game

  10. PCGTV

    April 21, 2016 at 7:18 am


  11. SgtNygren

    May 11, 2016 at 8:12 am

    Please seed guys ?

  12. cokile

    June 15, 2016 at 8:07 am

    thanks!! been waiting for a long time

  13. adyy

    September 15, 2016 at 7:50 am

    Thx, works perfectly in win 7 86x

  14. jemar

    November 7, 2016 at 10:36 am

    Good game, no problems

  15. Genius

    January 10, 2017 at 7:54 am

    good game, working great. game running fantastically.
    thnx guys!

  16. Maud

    March 20, 2017 at 7:45 am

    works perfect 🙂

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