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Freedom Wars certainly isn’t the only Monster Hunter clone available on Vita, but it’s perhaps its most successful one. The staying power of its addictive fight-loot-upgrade cycle is enhanced by deep gameplay and customization options, though those occasionally do get lost behind a couple of unfortunate design choices.
Like Soul Sacrifice, Vita’s first Monster Hunter clone of any consequence, Freedom Wars is drowning in story and lore, though unlike Soul Sacrifice, skipping over or ignoring the plot isn’t all that easy. There are a bunch of characters to meet and a ton of text to read through, but mere hours into the adventure, I didn’t find myself caring a great deal about anything that was going on. Purists will likely appreciate the fact that the original Japanese voice acting is intact, but Freedom Wars’ story tends to get in the way of what really matters: gameplay. This is doubly annoying, considering the amount of backtracking and fast-traveling you’ll have to do simply to advance the story to points where you can fight Freedom Wars’ gigantic, hulking enemies called Abductors.

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