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Days Of War PS3

Driven Arts founder George Rivara explains Days of War began development two years ago and it is slated for a 2016 release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The team has launched a Kickstarter campaign “to accelerate the final stages of development.”

With Unreal Engine 4 under the hood, Days of War will focus on class-based combat where “the only way to gain an advantage over your opponent is a more accurate shot, or a better strategic position… not kill-streaks, not wall jumps, and certainly not drone strikes ordered from iPads.”
It will also feature modding support, including “custom map creation, editable rulesets and dedicated server hosting tools.”

Driven Arts is planning to have Days of War hit PC via Steam Early Access in August this year and follow-up with the full release (including Xbox One and PS4) just few months later, in December.
If you’re keen for more shooters to take a step back in time again, check out Days of War’s Kickstarter here. That said, if WWII isn’t quite far enough back for you, you still may be in luck.

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