The Wolf Among Us Episode 5 Cry Wolf – PlayStation3

The Wolf Among Us Episode 5 Cry Wolf PlayStation3

We’re trying something new with episodic reviews on Polygon. What follows of something of a hybrid between recap and review and, as such, should not be read by anybody worried about spoilers. You’ve been warned.
The trick to enjoying The Wolf Among Us is letting go of expectation.
After completing Cry Wolf, the final episode of this (first? only?) season of Telltale’s take on Fables, I was left with a feeling I’ve become well acquainted with while reviewing this series: Stunned, confused and more than a little delighted.
The first expectation that Cry Wolf turned on its head was that this was a whodunnit, a story of the reformed Big Bad Wolf Bigby finding out who was killing off citizens of Fabletown. Since this secret sub-borough of New York City is home to storybook characters taking refuge in the real world, my suspect list read like the spines on the picture book shelf at Books-A-Million. Was it Bloody Mary? The Jersey Devil? Red Riding Hood’s formerly heroic Woodsman?

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