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Dead By Daylight PS4

Another problem for Dead by Daylight is its matchmaking system. The game is entirely peer-to-peer hosted, with the killer hosting the survivors at all times. Unfortunately there’s no way to tell where in the world the killer is or whether they’re capable of hosting five people in a game until you’re playing. There’s no ping indicator and no regional matchmaking, so you have to roll the dice each time you join a new server–and if you crap out, you’ll warp around the game world barely able to work out what’s going on. Further, there’s no group-based matchmaking, so you can’t queue with friends. This results in players lobby-hopping until they are grouped with friends, which is a terrible experience for all involved.

Dead by Daylight executes the concept of a competitive horror game well, but only to a point. As players become more familiar with both roles, the horror dissipates and they begin to play for the competitive element alone. The poor matchmaking and the highly exploitable scoring system make Dead by Daylight less competitive than it should be, resulting in gameplay which doesn’t resemble the horror experience it sets out to be.

When you play as the killer, you’re able to see all the map’s generators at all times, allowing you to patrol them. If any of them are making noise, you know at least one survivor has been working on it, and you can hunt for signs that the others are nearby. Panicked survivors will sprint away, leaving scratches on nearby walls and breaks in the grass, and you can follow these markings to find your prey. Once you find your prey you chop them down, pick them up and put them on a hook, sacrificing them to your god after 60 seconds.

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