Kings Quest – PS4

Kings Quest PS4

Unlike conventional Quest King of video games, the Quest for the new king is not a point-and-click adventure. Instead, it is an adventure game that tasks players to control Graham, who ventures to different places to become a knight. Graham’s movement can be completely controlled by the players. Matt Korba, creative director of the game, the controls of the game focuses on “the context of a single button. “Therefore, the game does not have any interfaces or complicated commands. Throughout the game, players can interact with different objects in the environment. For example, players can collect, assemble and inspect the different elements of the decor. They can move to the perspective to first person during their inspection.

The game is told by the old Graham and his granddaughter Gwendolyn. The player’s actions in the game are changing the narrative. For example, the execution of certain actions unlocks additional dialogue. When players make bad decisions and die, Graham responds with phrases like “That’s what would have happened if I did,” before the players re-spawn. Players also make decisions throughout the game that are divided into three different approaches, bravery, wisdom and compassion. The actions performed by players have consequences and an impact on the game’s history, and therefore change the overall experience of the game. Most of these choices are based game play. According to Korba, all choices made by Graham are heroic, and there is no way for players to build a “bad” Graham.

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