In the world of Kyn, magic is a widely dreaded power which led to many tragedies in the past. Only the brightest warriors and most qualified are allowed to use it. Rumors terrible magic of abuse are becoming more frequent. And there are signs that peace in your kingdom will not last much longer …

KYN is a lush fantasy tactical RPG where players take control of a troop of up to six specialized warriors and slash, shoot, Spellcast and strategize their way through an epic Nordic world. Hybrid grip on the RPG genre with tactical combat mechanics, Kyn requires mastery of real-time combat strategies in order to progress through the land full of intricate puzzles, dangerous quests and the game – of course – whole mountainloads booty.
Bram is the reservoir of my party. It is a full warrior Magni the savior of our village, and an absorbent damage badass. His reputation does not last long. Returning from battle, he turns in some circles, then crouched. “Come here, Sheep,” he said in a chicken. This is quite embarrassing for me and village elders, but it is most confusing for chicken. The chicken says nothing, which is probably the right idea. Stay in his crouch, Bram starts to levitate off the screen sideways, shivering down the hill on one knee.

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