Battalion 1944 – Xbox One

Battalion 1944 Xbox One

The way the developers have talked most is called BattleRank In this mode, players are expected to join a battalion with other players and compete in a global multiplayer season competition system. When players contribute to the goals of the season in their BATTLION, they will be able to earn cosmetic rewards for their characters, weapons and accessories, although the developers have said that no addons will alter the competitive balance.

BattleRank competitions also allow players to get out on their own and classified on the international rankings. There will also be updates and regular challenges that go either to be held during a season or be offered every hour and all challenges allow players to earn additional rewards and XP.

The developers have said that if there will be a progression system, it will be cosmetic and will never give players tools or weapons that competitors can not get their hands also. Advancement opportunities that are out there will allow players to their favorite character stand out from the crowd, as long as the cosmetic changes are those that are seen and used as part of the Second World War.

The developers have said they are working hard on coming up with an anti-cheat system to be among the best in the business. The team said they are looking at other games like Battlefront to try to sniff out those who are somehow gaming the system. Its not clear what kind of cheating could be used if the updates that are earned in the game are quite aesthetic, but it seems that the company wants to ensure that there is no seed available for those who go out of their way to try to get a leg. Because this is a multiplayer only game, there is a real emphasis on making that everyone has the same kind of experience.

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