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The Elder Scrolls VI Xbox One

Rumours online seem to think Argonia/Black Marsh is the most likely choice for Elder Scrolls 6, although we’ve found no reliable source for this yet. Maybe people just think it ‘sounds right’, eh?

Argonia is where Tamriel’s lizard folk live. They’re called Argonians. You’ve been able to play as these scaly, underwater-breathing creatures in previous Elder Scrolls games.

Aside from having the position of its cities already laid out, Bethesda has free rein to do what it wants with Argonia. However, there is a small chance Elder Scrolls 6 will actually be called… Skyrim 2, be set in Skyrim and have a story that follows on from the last game.

Some people think that’s what will happen. We doubt it, though.

There are also some rumours that the game might be called Elder Scrolls 6: Redwood, although the reasonings for this aren’t as fleshed out as Argonia.

Bethesda has clearly signposted one feature you can bet will be a big new draw in Elder Scrolls 6. We’re talking about house-building, possibly even town-building.

This all started with Hearthfire, an expansion made for Skyrim. It let you own and customise far more houses across Skyrim’s world. By itself it was a bit of a naff expansion, but was only £5.

The whole building element exploded in Fallout 4, whose game structure is quite comparable to the Elder Scrolls games, particularly as it uses the same game engine as Skyrim. It lets you make buildings from scratch, out of rudimentary pieces.

We’d be very surprised if Bethesda doesn’t add something similar to Elder Scrolls 6, especially as Fallout 4’s stab at it feels like a work-in-progress effort that isn’t really that well integrated with the rest of the game.

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